Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Meet My DR Friends

 Abel, William's fiance, William, Marcel, Yrahisa, Danny

I was so blessed to meet some absolutely incredible Dominican's while on my adventure.  The people you see in the first picture above were our translators throughout the week, but more importantly, they were our friends. Ryan was our go to person for all things Dominican! He was not only our DR tour leader but also a translator, chauffeur (at times), friend, ice cream expert, and the only person I've ever found that can speak faster than I can. 

The Dominican is extremely blessed to have these people.  After spending only a week with them, I can say that they are truly some of the most amazing people I've ever had the privilege to meet.  They love the Lord so tremendously and it shows in everything that they do.  There's a joy that just radiates from them that I rarely get to see in the United States.  I learned so very much from them during the week that I was there and I doubt that they even know that.  I don't even think the realize the type of impact they have on people.  As cliche as it sounds, they make others want to be better people.  

These people are the epitome of servanthood.  I feel so honored to be able to stand with them in their country and learn from them, if only for a week.  I know that while I may never see some of them again in this life, they have left an impact on my life that will never be forgotten.

The Lord is working in the Dominican and it was so evident everyday.  It's these friends of mine who the Lord is using to change their country for the better.  He is using them in mighty ways and it was a blessing to be able to witness it first hand. 
And their fearless leader, Boss man Jose

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